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10 to 1

Your 10-Year Map

Flash forward 10 years from today. What are you doing? What do you want to be doing? What are you contributing? Are you living in satisfaction and joy, focused on what matters most to you? Have you addressed the issues that hold you back in the present moment?


The 10-year framework unlocks many doors in life design. The distance enables us to move beyond perceived constraints to create a future that fills you with excitement, gratitude, and happiness.


There's no sugar-coating here. This is an intense program that requires you to dig deep and get really honest about who you are. When the program is complete, you will have created your 10-year-map and 1-year action plan to realize your wildest dreams — dreams so exhilarating that you might not have let yourself dream them yet. 

Your plan, of course, must be crafted with the flexibility to adjust to the natural course of life. Your plan isn't a rigid task-master; rather it's your superhero cape. So pick a color and start living, really living, now.

Program structure

Start-to-finish: 2-3 weeks

Your commitment: Approximately 5-10 hours of independent work (varies by client); 4 hours of one-one-one coaching (in person or by videoconference; first 2-hour session scheduled after the first third of independent work is complete; second 2-hour session scheduled after the independent work is complete). 


To focus on a major writing project, I am not currently accepting new clients.

Thank you for your interest.

Creativity coaching

Not doing your creative work? "Sort of" doing your creative work? Overwhelmed by creative paralysis? Fed up with an opaque creative process?

Writers, artists, musicians, and performers: I know what it's like to weep in the frozen food aisle because your kids are screaming and you're sleep-deprived, haven't done anything creative in months, and all you really want is to sit down for 20 minutes and write a poem. (Well, maybe after falling unconscious for three hours.) I get it. I can help.

Via videoconference

Whether creative work is your life's calling and primary source of income — or something you fit in around the edges, it matters. Using a holistic, appreciative perspective we’ll work together to ensure that the elements of your life are working symbiotically to support your greatest intentions.

(After purchasing your session via the link below, you'll receive a calendar link for scheduling our appointment. To ensure a productive and relevant session, clients are asked to submit a session preparation form at least 24 hours prior to our appointment. New clients receive a link to the online intake form; existing clients receive a link to the online update form.) 


To focus on a major writing project, I am not currently accepting new clients. Thank you for your interest.

Jon Teger | Milford, NH

“By the time we I finished our first meeting — perhaps for the first time in my life — my creative thoughts had been validated. Mind you, not pie-in-the-sky, 'Gee, you're great, quit your job and buy a lot of pens and a condo in the Keys,' validation (although, as you know, I did quit my job. Should I have waited?). You provided me with wonderfully honest, pragmatic, and professional encouragement. I haven't been the same since — and it really feels great!”

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