52 Lists, Questions, and Inspirations for Finding Your Happiness


an inspirational journal
for introverts


A Journal for Self-Care, Intention, and Slowing Down

Has the busyness of living overtaken your most important goals and priorities?


Do you grapple with the sense that something is missing? Is the passage of time tick-tocking loudly in your ears? It's time to take stock and reconnect with who you really want to be — and what you really want to do.

Life By Design is a beautifully illustrated workbook that assists you in finding your purpose and creating the life you truly want.


Built on a framework of design thinking, Life By Design is a practical workbook that guides you through applying principles of design to intentional life choices. From career to love to extracurricular pursuits, the exercises in this book help you decide how to innovate and iterate your way to a well-lived life.


By completing one list per week — or the whole workbook in a single weekend — you'll map out a clear plan to achieve the happiness you deserve and desire.

Published by Castle Point Books/St. Martin's Press, September 2017.

Revel in your inner introvert with a notebook for taking a step back, quelling the chaos, and embracing your creativity.

Spending quality time alone can help you recharge your batteries, excavate your true feelings, become your most authentic self, and enrich your everyday experience.


This illustrated journal celebrates the importance of shutting out the chaos and taking time to reflect.


Through a series of creative journaling prompts, The Power of Quiet takes you on a restorative journey of self-discovery:

  • More than 100 questions to fill your days with quiet solitude and reflection.

  • Encourages self-discovery and the celebration of your most introverted qualities.

  • Creative exercises and engaging art help to inspire your natural creativity.

Published by Castle Point Books/St. Martin's Press, June 2018.

We're desperate to slow down.


Each of us is allotted 168 hours each week, no matter our circumstances — but this non-renewable resource seems to slip through our fingers at an increasingly alarming rate.


Rather than always doing more, how do we focus on the things that matter most? How do we navigate a world that seems to accelerate with every passing day?


Take time to reflect, revitalize, and find a little more time in your day. Press Pause guides readers through a journey of self-care with inspiring quotations, journaling prompts, and beautiful artwork on every page.


With journaling prompts and explorations of practical matters as well as the intangible, Press Pause is your ally in feeling more at peace, comfortable, and happy.

Published by Castle Point Books/St. Martin's Press, August 2018.


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