Miranda Hersey


The world needs you.

             Your particular set of talents and traits are unique. There is only one you. Your family, your friends, your community, your colleagues, your old friend from third grade — all of us are counting on the contribution that only you can make. What's your essential gift? Being you. Playing big.


If you're reading these words, you have a basic degree of safety and resources. Which means that you're responsible for being the most kick-ass you that you can possibly be. Your creativity, your perspective, your experience, your skills, your voice, your passion, your expertise — we need you to step into your best self, engaging with life to its fullest.

Life design is the generative process of analyzing where you’re at, defining the outcomes you really want, and creating a specific plan to reach those outcomes. The ultimate goal of life design is to create the life you love while becoming your best self. And if you can make the world a better place while you're at it? Yes, please.

You already possess the self-knowledge, passion, and experience to design the life you want. As a life-design facilitator, I work with you to craft a map for the life you want most. With guidance from evidence-based discovery tools and a lot of getting real, you'll step out of fear and into a place of empowered clarity and excitement.

Melissa Dowling | Queensland, Australia

“Thank you so much for the wonderful gift that you afforded me. You were a gem straight from the Universe. I am so grateful for your valuable time, wonderful encouragement, amazing insights, endless patience, and the lovely bond that I have felt with you. I feel empowered by the process that we shared. I feel so much more focused on what it is I want from my life, rather than just swanning along from one thing to another. You've opened my eyes to how to work within the boundaries that are set by my life circumstances and to embrace opportunity.”


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